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    Our Pehel items have a broad application field, based on reliable quality, it ensure the vehicle and equipment in good and safe running.

    The items are used to connect hose in hydraulic systems. Hydraulic equipment generally operates under high pressures and is often not a fixed system. Consequently, it need to be strong, and reliable to operate safely and effectively in the respective applications.

    The items applications: Petro chemical, Metallurgical?machinery, Fertilizer, Agriculture Machine, Railway, Automobile industries, Vessel, Construction?machinery, Engineering?machinery, Wind?power?generation?, Printing?machinery, Mining, Machine?tool?building, Hydraulic system, Textile Machinery, etc.

    • Petro chemical

    • Metallurgical?machinery

    • Fertilizer

    • Agriculture Machine

    • Railway

    • Automobile industries

    • Vessel

    • Construction?machinery

    • Engineering?machinery

    • Wind?power?generation

    • Printing?machinery

    • Mining

    • Machine?tool?building

    • Hydraulic system

    • Textile Machinery