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    Home - Products - Hydraulic Valve & Manifold Block - Carbon Steel - Monoblock Cetop 3
    1. Hydraulic monoblock connection bore: DN 6 mm machined
    2. PHM103..38 A-B rear and side 3/8\'\'G, P-T 1/2\'\'G ??
        PHM203..YK A-B on side 3/8\'\'G, P-T 1/2\'\'G, without R.V. and prearranged for 2/2 valve ??
        PHM213..Y A-B on side 3/8\'\'G, P-T 1/2\'\'G, without R.V. ??
        PHM223R for pressure reducing valve, P-T 1/2\'\'G
    3. Parallel circuit normal flow, 1 station/2-8 stations
    4. NPT, SAE, PT thread for all parts is available
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